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2021-10-16 22:18Partev Sarkissian <0000060b2ef1338e-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] Csound and Mac
2021-10-13 16:56Dave Seidel [Csnd] new piece: Study in Common Tones
2021-10-13 14:11Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-13 13:46Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-12 13:00Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-11 17:56Anton Kholomiov [Csnd] Workshop on making music with Csound and Haskell (csound-expression lib)
2021-10-11 17:30Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-11 16:39John Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-11 13:55Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-11 12:56Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-10 19:15Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-09 20:46Jean Basile Sosa Re: [Csnd] fout
2021-10-09 18:46Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] fout
2021-10-04 07:03Francesco Porta Re: [Csnd] [Music] One girl, all alone
2021-10-03 18:57Guillermo Senna [Csnd] aliasing and the mpulse opcode
2021-10-03 16:39"Jeanette C." [Csnd] [Music] One girl, all alone
2021-10-01 16:03Iain Duncan [Csnd] Best resources for learning DX style FM with csound?
2021-10-01 14:34Michael Gogins [Csnd] International Csound Users Group Meeting on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 14:00 EDT
2021-10-01 09:19S=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=B8ren?= [Csnd] csound API clicks/cracks
2021-10-01 04:27"john,,," [Csnd] Administrivia
2021-09-30 22:24Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] Number of instrument in Console
2021-09-30 22:21"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Synthesizing breaking glass/impacting glass shards
2021-09-29 09:02S=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=B8ren?= [Csnd] fout delay (csound API)
2021-09-21 20:49Shane Byrne Re: [Csnd] ICSC 2022
2021-09-21 20:21Shane Byrne Re: [Csnd] ICSC 2022
2021-09-21 17:03Shane Byrne [Csnd] ICSC 2022
2021-09-20 08:55"Jeanette C." [Csnd] PVS delay explanation?
2021-09-19 22:12Iain Duncan [Csnd] hitting max event string size in csound~
2021-09-19 16:15Iain Duncan [Csnd] expanding arbitrary number of pfields into an array?
2021-09-19 05:52Iain Duncan [Csnd] Additive synthesis using many independent oscillators
2021-09-16 16:20Iain Duncan [Csnd] When do you use faust?
2021-09-15 17:16Iain Duncan [Csnd] resources on spectralism in csound?
2021-09-10 19:00Eduardo Moguillansky [Csnd] csoundengine, a python package for csound
2021-09-08 17:39"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Simplistic approximation of air absorption (cutoff frequency)
2021-09-07 21:11Anton Kholomiov [Csnd] Can you explain how to connect csound to Virtual midi port (snd-virmidi)
2021-09-07 10:10Victor Lazzarini [Csnd] C opcodes idea
2021-09-06 21:41Michael Gogins [Csnd] Efficiency of faustgen vs faust2csound
2021-09-04 20:55Andrea Strappa [Csnd] L'assiuolo (The Scops Owl)
2021-09-04 19:47"Jeanette C." [Csnd] combinv strangeness or bug?
2021-09-02 13:50Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>Re: [Csnd] Csound Nabble
2021-09-02 10:44"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Modelling a piano like instrument: waveguide questions
2021-09-01 16:50Michael Gogins [Csnd] Package Manager for Csound
2021-09-01 16:16"Jeanette C." [Csnd] lpcanal/lpcfilter opcodes: kflg question
2021-09-01 04:28Jair-Rohm Wells Re: [Csnd] New piece
2021-08-31 10:44Tom Peters [Csnd] noisy sines
2021-08-30 18:20Michael Gogins [Csnd] New piece
2021-08-29 14:10Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] Csound Nabble
2021-08-29 10:02"Jeanette C." [Csnd] triglinseg and trigexpseg inconsistency
2021-08-27 11:59jacopo greco d'alceo Re: [Csnd] undo a score statement immediately after
2021-08-27 11:34jacopo greco d'alceo Re: [Csnd] undo a score statement immediately after