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2022-01-12 15:59John ff [Csnd-dev] Development meet Thursday
2022-01-12 01:57Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] New computer
2022-01-09 21:10Steven Yi [Csnd-dev] Logging message?
2022-01-09 09:33Anders Genell [Csnd-dev] Feature suggestion
2022-01-07 20:15AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.879
2022-01-07 19:56AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.878
2022-01-06 01:20"Worrall, David" Re: [Csnd-dev] [EXTERNAL] [Csnd-dev] meeting to finish up 6.17
2022-01-05 19:12"Worrall, David" Re: [Csnd-dev] meeting to finish up 6.17
2022-01-05 18:25Victor Lazzarini [Csnd-dev] meeting to finish up 6.17
2021-12-31 02:34Iain Duncan [Csnd-dev] questions for csound6~, invalue vs chnget
2021-12-25 10:28Rory Walsh [Csnd-dev] Csound and Android..
2021-12-25 09:24Rory Walsh [Csnd-dev] Code signing on MacOS?
2021-12-23 06:10Eduardo Moguillansky [Csnd-dev] include files
2021-12-10 21:44AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.876
2021-12-10 20:43AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.875
2021-11-30 17:55John [Csnd-dev] metro opcode
2021-11-30 03:05Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: International Csound Users Group Meeting via Zoom this coming Wednesday, December 1, at 2 PM Eastern Time
2021-11-27 11:14AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.870
2021-11-26 21:36AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.868
2021-11-13 16:55Eric Nassen [Csnd-dev] 6.17 eta?
2021-11-08 17:01Victor Lazzarini [Csnd-dev] Windows build on docker
2021-11-08 05:45Eric Nassen [Csnd-dev] turnoff3 question
2021-11-07 19:59Eric Nassen [Csnd-dev] Question about fluidLoad
2021-11-05 10:53Giovanni Bedetti [Csnd-dev] [Csound API] Using csoundListChannels in C#
2021-10-24 01:27Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: New release of the WebKit opcodes for Csound
2021-10-22 21:32AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.866
2021-10-22 21:01AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.865
2021-10-20 23:52"Dr. Richard Boulanger" [Csnd-dev] WebKit opcodes in 6.17?
2021-10-20 22:59Pete Goodeve <000009c4b9faa5f6-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd-dev] Csound Journal refs in the Manual
2021-10-20 21:57Eduardo Moguillansky [Csnd-dev] passign and pset
2021-10-16 01:54"Worrall, David" [Csnd-dev] ctcsound error on import
2021-10-16 01:51"Worrall, David" [Csnd-dev] ctcsound error on import
2021-10-14 15:31Victor Lazzarini [Csnd-dev] augment_csdl branch
2021-10-10 17:10John [Csnd-dev] Looking toward the release of C6.17
2021-10-08 23:09Victor Lazzarini Re: [Csnd-dev] [EXTERNAL] [Csnd-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: Embedded C++ JIT Compiler for Csound
2021-10-05 13:04Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] REMINDER: International Csound Users Group meeting tomorrow Wednesday October 6 at 14:00 EDT
2021-10-02 20:22Iain Duncan [Csnd-dev] Linking errors trying to build csound6~ for Pd
2021-10-02 16:46Iain Duncan [Csnd-dev] Question about the csound6~ object inlet/outlet setup process
2021-10-02 02:12Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT: Embedded C++ JIT Compiler for Csound
2021-09-29 15:05Dave Seidel [Csnd-dev] Running a local Windows build
2021-09-29 14:16AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.836
2021-09-29 05:54AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.835
2021-09-27 12:42AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build failed: manual 1.0.830
2021-09-22 17:16Iain Duncan [Csnd-dev] questions/discussions about the csound~ and csound6~ objects...
2021-09-13 10:31Victor Lazzarini [Csnd-dev] Parser 3 and Csound 7 roadmap
2021-09-09 10:20Victor Lazzarini [Csnd-dev] message suppression
2021-09-09 00:39Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] Clang
2021-09-01 06:59Victor Lazzarini Re: [Csnd-dev] [EXTERNAL] Re: [Csnd-dev] emugens
2021-08-31 17:09Michael Gogins [Csnd-dev] Contribution to the plugins repository
2021-08-30 10:12AppVeyor [Csnd-dev] Build completed: manual 1.0.598