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Re: [Csnd] RunloopSound and iPhone

Date2022-08-28 10:46
FromEnrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>
SubjectRe: [Csnd] RunloopSound and iPhone
Yes, unfortunately RunloopSound is no longer available on the AppStore from here:, and I don't know where it can be found yet.
Personally I had stored on the iPhone the one I downloaded a few years ago, which still works (with oscillators, audio files and other things),
but, as I wrote above, if I import a microphone signal into the code (with in, ins or inch ...) and connect RunloopSound to a mixer like AUM, or apeMatrix, or GarageBand, the signal comes out distorted and very noisy ... I don't understand the because ... will be the effects of the fact that it has not been updated with the new version of iOs anymore.

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