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Re: [Csnd] Another question re: score loop

Date2022-08-22 21:40
FromScott Daughtrey
SubjectRe: [Csnd] Another question re: score loop
Ugh (facepalm)! It seems so obvious now. I suspected such, that somehow instr 1 was continuously resetting 2 so to speak, and had actually read that chapter last night and attempted to solve it using clear.

So per your advice just tried altering the line from instr 1 from

gaLoopEnv = asig


gaLoopEnv = gaLoopEnv+asig

and yes, that works. Funny, I've seen lines like

gaRvb = gaRvn + (asig * p7)

many times but it never clicked to wonder why bother with the +?

Thank you once again, and I'll read up on the Clear and Clip.

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