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2021-04-08 16:51Michael Gogins [Csnd] Enabled cloud recording
2021-04-07 01:48Michael Gogins [Csnd] REMINDER: International Csound Users Group Meeting Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 14:00 EST
2021-04-05 17:56Michael Gogins [Csnd] Porphyry final version
2021-04-03 14:57Michael Gogins [Csnd] ANNOUNCEMENT: International Csound Users Group Meeting on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 14:00 EST
2021-04-03 02:51Richard Knight [Csnd] Multi-threading multiple Csound instances with the API
2021-04-02 22:06"Jeanette C." [Csnd] AutoSampler version 3: two new samplers!
2021-04-01 18:01Dave Seidel [Csnd] Bandcamp Friday tomorrow
2021-04-01 15:42"Jeanette C." [Csnd] chnset setting an i-rate value sometime in k-time
2021-03-30 22:43"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Reading String value from channel with functional syntax
2021-03-30 22:36"Jeanette C." [Csnd] fprints issue: printing strings (%s) fails
2021-03-29 21:53"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Released AutoSampler
2021-03-29 17:13Stefan Thomas [Csnd] patch doesn't work with midi
2021-03-29 15:48Stefan Thomas [Csnd] meaning of error message
2021-03-28 23:00Jean Basile Sosa Re: [Csnd] Csound Workshops Online at TIEMF 2021
2021-03-28 21:23Gareth Edwards [Csnd] Out-of-date information on front ends on
2021-03-28 15:34"Jeanette C." [Csnd] [music] Water colour sky
2021-03-27 17:22Tom Peters Re: [Csnd] output amplitude?
2021-03-27 15:49Tom Peters [Csnd] output amplitude?
2021-03-27 13:50Eduardo Moguillansky [Csnd] UDP server crash
2021-03-27 11:03Tarek Wayne [Csnd] ENGAGE 2021
2021-03-24 07:16Andreas Bergsland [Csnd] Receiving array blob via OSC in Python
2021-03-23 15:22Tom Peters Re: [Csnd] newbie questions
2021-03-22 15:42Tom Peters [Csnd] newbie questions
2021-03-21 18:28"Jeanette C." [Csnd] [music] welcome to Neptune (3d audio soundscape)
2021-03-21 15:05Tetsuya Miwa [Csnd] TweetCsound/=?utf-8?Q?=E3=81=A4=E3=81=B6=E3=82=84=E3=81=8DCsound_?=on Twitter
2021-03-20 08:11"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Easiest time-controlled switching
2021-03-19 17:38"Jeanette C." [Csnd] Error with directory opcode
2021-03-18 14:25Michael Gogins [Csnd] Work in progress
2021-03-16 13:05Jason Hallen [Csnd] Max Mathews biography?
2021-03-14 14:35"Jeanette C." [Csnd] [music] Liquid Fire
2021-03-14 11:25Stefan Thomas [Csnd] connection between amplitude, loudness and frequency
2021-03-13 18:04Steven Yi [Csnd] Code Share: Digital Conversations
2021-03-12 22:26Josh Moore [Csnd] Code Share - playing around with lots of random stuff
2021-03-11 20:57Oscar Pablo Di Liscia [Csnd] Audio Descriptors
2021-03-11 14:27Andreas Bergsland [Csnd] Poly0
2021-03-10 11:04Anton Kholomiov [Csnd] Is there opcode with looping playback and crossfades at the ends?
2021-03-10 09:44Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] Programming the live electronics: from John Cage to Csound
2021-03-09 12:34Victor Lazzarini [Csnd] [OT] IWIS
2021-03-06 22:33Jair-Rohm Wells [Csnd] Cabbage not starting...
2021-03-05 11:26Dave Seidel [Csnd] New CD/digital release: Involution
2021-03-05 11:22Stefan Thomas [Csnd] strange error message
2021-03-05 07:00Victor Lazzarini [Csnd] [OT] Seminar
2021-03-04 11:29Enrico Francioni <00000005323c8739-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>[Csnd] Big Sur
2021-03-02 22:44Linda Antas [Csnd] Portaudio error
2021-03-02 18:22Jean Basile Sosa Re: [Csnd] WebAudio Csound and multichannel
2021-03-02 09:21Jana Hübenthal[Csnd] Check existence of instruments
2021-03-01 12:38Stefan Thomas [Csnd] how to detect the index
2021-03-01 12:19Jean Basile Sosa [Csnd] WebAudio Csound and multichannel
2021-03-01 12:08joachim heintz [Csnd] tables of sound spectra?
2021-03-01 10:14Stefan Thomas [Csnd] random walk without repetitions