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[Csnd] Writing pvx files using Andtoid devices

Date2023-01-02 23:54
FromScott Daughtrey
Subject[Csnd] Writing pvx files using Andtoid devices
A few months ago I inquired about help writing pvx files to Android devices using pvsanal being that Csound utilities aren't an option and pvanal utility calls from  don't work (will read but present an error when writing).

I realize there are seemingly very few using Android based devices with Csound but perhaps some that do might find this useful. 

Obviously mobile Android devices have limited resources compared to desktop/laptops - less RAM and slower CPUs. So I've wanted to see if writing a pvx file first and subsequently using that in different csd files might improve performance as it's then not required to use pvsanal in real-time, hopefully lowering the cpu load a little.

The following is a modification of Victor's pvsfwrite example which works to write pvx files for Android based devices. This file is not a great example as it's simply writing and then reading the pvx therefore not taking pvsanal completely out of the equation but can easily be modified to write only.

While I haven't strenuously tested it yet, hopefully when used to simply write the pvx  file(s) seperately and then subsequently reading only the pvx into different csd's it may slightly reduce the cpu load when using pv and pvs opcodes such as pvsynth etc., especially with larger source audio files.

I'm still quite unfamiliar with spectral processing and perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree so any and all input is welcome. 


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