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[Csnd] Yet One More Composition

Date2022-12-28 02:25
FromArthur Hunkins <000001e1d761dea2-dmarc-request@LISTSERV.HEANET.IE>
Subject[Csnd] Yet One More Composition
One last composition to make it into 2022:

O QUAM PULCHRA ET GLORIOSA 2 (2022) for realtime Csound6
  Versions for console Csound (PC, Mac & Linux - requires MIDI controller with 3-15 knobs/sliders) and Android (requiring the Csound for Android app)

All materials, including demo performance, at top of http://arthunkins.com . Yes, I did another piece with this name, earlier this year. Both are based on granular synthesis, but this one uses vocal samples (my voice) instead of a waveform. Completely different result.

Many thanks to Victor and Scott for early help with syncgrain and fof. Couldn't get fof to work; couldn't manage to control the amplitude of it in an always-on instrument (i.e., take volume down to zero). In any case, I ended up with syncgrain, which managed to be amenable to my needs. I've really been down the rabbit hole with granular synthesis. Glad I was finally able to come up with some decent results.

Next, I'll tackle wavelets. Besides Iain McCurdy's fine FLTK example, is there any other good source for information on wavelets in Csound?
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