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[Csnd-dev] Failed merge and reset

Date2019-08-14 01:39
FromMichael Gogins
Subject[Csnd-dev] Failed merge and reset
In the develop branch I pushed changes to Opcodes/fluidOpcodes.cpp.
Along with these changes went a whole bunch of other stuff that I did
not intend. I have reset the offending commits and pushed the fix.
HEAD now stands at 1e89283016a31242d19e6e857a4d981ffb813f57 plus just
the fluidOpcodes.cpp changes. The bad push was about three hours ago
so if you pulled in that time you may wish to do so again, be careful
if you have edits made in the past three hours.


Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions
Michael dot Gogins at gmail dot com