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[Csnd-dev] New release of the Csound for Android app with significant improvements

Date2019-08-23 17:34
FromMichael Gogins
Subject[Csnd-dev] New release of the Csound for Android app with significant improvements
This is available from the csound-extended releases at
https://github.com/gogins/csound-extended/releases/tag/v1.3.5 and also
from the Google Play Store at

Changes in this release include:

    • The app is now built for 64 bit CPU architecture.
    • The included FluidSynth opcodes have been updated to work on 64
bit CPU architectures.
    • A wider selection of plugin opcodes is now included.
    • Audio input and output are now implemented using the current
version of Google’s Oboe library, which encapsulates differences
between audio drivers on different Android platforms. Oboe is
integrated with Csound in a new CsoundOboe C++ class. The current
version of Oboe seems to perform with somewhat fewer dropouts.
    • The app now has a built-in text editor based on Ace, replacing
CodeMirror. The editor includes find and replace functions. The editor
now has specific modes for .csd files and .html files.
    • The user interface is tabbed for instantly switching between
editing and performing.
    • There are now 9 built-in sliders.
    • The User Guide has been updated with information about issues
and workarounds.

Many thanks to Art Hunkins and Pete Goodeve for feedback that was
useful for improving this application.


Michael Gogins
Irreducible Productions