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[Csnd-dev] Setting up the CsoundAndroid plugin in Android Studio

Date2019-06-10 17:47
Subject[Csnd-dev] Setting up the CsoundAndroid plugin in Android Studio
Hello everybody!

I've set my mind on writing an Android app which uses Csound in its
functionality. I've followed the instructions provided by Mr. Yi  here
  , but
when I try to the "run" command on the CsoundAndroidExamples module, the
compiler doesn't find anything:

error: package CsoundAndroid.src.main.java.com.csounds does not exist
error: cannot find symbol class CsoundObj

(There are 52 errors in total. They're all about not finding stuff.)

So I have 2 questions:
1. How do I fix this? I am starting to think I am missing something very
basic about how an App is set up and run in Android Studio.
2. And, for later: How would I learn how to use this library with Java?

I am on a journey to answer these. I would be grateful for any help.